Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Translation: Outfit to Room

In design, I often explain to clients that they need an inspiration to begin their new room makeover. Something to grab their attention and set the room in motion. This inspiration can come from anywhere.

Today I decided to use an old Hermes ad as my inspiration picture and found a completed room that easily could have evolved from this. It's really that simple!

{Via Design Sponge}

{Via Hermes}

  • Notice how the blonde colored wood floors are placed in a herringbone pattern across the floor? This mimicks the zig-zag patterns found in her scarf.
  • See the bright colored walls and the colorful floral fabric the ottoman is covered in? This represents her gloves and satchel.
  • The tatty and worn paint that appears to be peeling off the walls? This imitates the background in the ad...sort of like faded scenery.
  • The black and white framed artwork on the walls? This mirrors the color of the ad's snowy, mountainous background.
  • Finally, the warm, rustic color and texture of the throw on the leather chair and the books piled high behind it? This picks up the overall feel of the ad, like the woman is traveling, somewhere cold and far away. There is a level of rawness found in both pictures and the textures in the room and the scenery in the ad both share a tribal quality.
  • Perhaps some of the items sprinkled around the room, such as the kilim rug, the books, art and mirror hung above the fireplace are all treasures she has picked up on her journey....            

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