Saturday, February 12, 2011

DIY: Recycled Sweater "Valentine" Wine Bag

 Everyone has an old sweater....whether it's red, pink, cream or white, here is a great project for recycling those old sweaters into a "Valentine" wine bag!  Using the sleeve of an old sweater, you can create this adorable wine bag that anyone would love to receive.  Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I love receiving home made gifts!  This one can easily be customized for the recipient by changing the words you use to embroider, Valentine themed of course!  Like the conversation heart candies....I love mine...xoxo....I'm yours.....  You get the point!!

You will need:

-the sleeve of an old sweater
-red felt
-red yarn
-"embroidery" thread + embroidery needle
(I have red pictured here but used can use whatever color you like)
-white thread + sewing needle
-fabric glue
-chalk pencil for marking letters (optional)

-first cut the sleeve to the length of a your wine bottle

-turn the sleeve inside out, and sew the opening that you cut (not the cuff!) closed

-turn right side out, and sew your thread around the cuff to create a "draw string"

-trace a heart on your red felt and cut out

-using your embroidery thread, embroider whatever words you choose.  You can mark this first with the chalk pencil if you would like or you can do it freehand

-once you finish embroidering the heart, affix it to the center of the bag with fabric glue


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