Saturday, February 19, 2011

Stylish Celebrity INTERIORS

I often see in the news or tabloids (no I don't buy them, I just peek when in line at the grocery store)beautiful celebrity homes. Always, they picture these over-the-top mansions from an ariel view, showing you just enough of the land, estate, pool, pool house and guest house that it leaves you mouth open, hanging on for more.

Although I will admit it's interesting to see these Monster Mansions from an exterior point of view--you really can get a sense of just how large these homes are--I know personally, I want to see more!

Don't they know it's what's on the inside that counts?

1. Jonathon Adler: bedroom via ELLE DECOR
2. Ellen Pompeo: bedroom via ELLE DECOR
3. Jennifer Aniston: living room via New York Daily News
4. Jennifer Aniston: bathroom via New York Daily News
5.  Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher: living room via Architectural Digest, Decorator: Brad Dunning
6. Anjelica Houston Photo Via Architectural Digest
7. Rush Limbaugh: dining room via Corcoran
8. Rush Limbaugh: study via Corcoran
9. Rush Limbaugh bedroom via Corcoran
10. Rush Limbaugh sitting room via Corcoran
11. through 14. Nicolas Cage via New York Daily News
15. Manny Ramirez via New York Daily News
16. through 18. Sting via New York Daily News

Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick's Weekend House
Photo Via elle decor
Interior design by Eric Hughes

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