Friday, February 11, 2011

BRIDAL BAGS, a plenty

Most of us are at a time in our lives where a lot of friends are either married or engaged. I for one, have been attending a lot of weddings. As a creative person, I tend to pay attention to the small stuff and so it got me brides really use a purse on their Big Day?

And if so, what do they put in it? Isn't that what a Maid Of Honor is for? I asked several friends and strangers alike this question--only because I've never seen any bride carry a purse--and sure enough everyone I asked reported that yes, they did tote along a bag that day. The contents of which mainly included lip gloss, a handkerchief, cell phone, a compact and breath mints.

Looking for a one of a kind piece? Ladies, this is for you! This storyboard captures 24 bags all handmade and customizable from etsy. Romantic, whimsical and girly, these bags are such works of art, that you may decide to give your MOH the day off, just to have an excuse to carry one...

1. davie & chiyo "pretty pleats clutch" $75
2. angee w "rose passion" $75
3. vanijja "customizable clutches" $96
4. eclu "zinfandel peony clutch" $58
5. portobello "crystal and ostrich clutch" $149
6. vanijja "lotus ivory clutch" $25
7. davie and chiyo "sexy with lace" $78
8. atelier edyta loukia "pink and grey waterfall clutch" $49 
9. davie and chiyo "olive chiffon ruffles clutch" $82
10.sheeri weese designs "elle couture bridal purse with rhinestones" $535
11. what the funk "pearl white wedding satin clutch" $39.99
12. davie and chiyo "ivory polished pleats clutch" $105
13. susan b flanigan "hand knitted and felted" $132
14. mabelle cherie "modern bridal clutch" $49
15. solbijou "jeweled statement" $110
16. cadybriar "ava clutch" $117
17. cady briar "something ivory" $103
18. cadybriar "dove grey ostrich feather clutch" $115
19. davie and chiyo "roses and roses" $130
20. davie and chiyo "all about a bow clutch" $115
21. davie and chiyo "customize your ruffle trim clutch" $78
22. davie and chiyo "three frills clutch purse" $85
23. sherri weese designs "navy blue goose feather purse with crystals" $169
24. whatthefunk "retro champagne pink furry clutch with bling" $16.99


  1. I love all of these wonderful clutches! Thank you for featuring mine from my Ma Belle Cherie shop on etsy. It's quite an honor to be among this fabulous crowd of very talented clutch makers.

  2. Wonderful collection! Thank you for including me :)


  3. Love your selection! Yes, indeed a bride needs her bag.