Sunday, February 6, 2011

The new Loo

Bathroom vanities have come a long way since the boring days of a porcelain sink. Now a days almost anything goes. Your grandmothers old chest? Sure, turn it into your bathroom sink. Don't know what to do with that used demilune sofa table? Give it a new life as your bathroom vanity. We live in a decade of all things recycled, reused, and reclaimed--why not salvage that vintage piece sitting in your basement, and give your powder room a face lift.

Furniture as bathroom sinks:
{Via Elle Decor}
LaylaPalmer modern cottage style bath
{Via HGTV}

{via woodworkerworkshop}

bathrooms - brown geometric wallpaper silver sconces white modern stool mirror brown antique sink  truly unique bathroom!    wallpaper in bathroom!
{Via decorpad}

{Via Sarah Richardson}

{via Paradigm}
Luxurious Bathroom
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{Via me}

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