Sunday, February 6, 2011

Outfit to Room

What's your inspiration? As mentioned in the last 'Outfit To Room' posted last week, all well designed rooms start with a form of inspiration. Without it, the room often feels (and looks) disconnected. Inspiration can come from anywhere. I once had a client bring me a set of her grandmothers dishes. They were actually only 2 colors, blue and cream, but the pattern suggested the style of the room and the rest of the space fell into place.

This weeks J.Crew ad invites viewers into their glossy pages by using soft, summery hues, pretty flowers and a dainty, romantic, feminine whimsy:

I pulled this bedroom, designed by Charlotte Moss, because it conveys everything the J.Crew ad portrays. I love the way the floral curtains and the chair cushions pull the flowers out of her hair. The pretty pink toile bed skirt and canopy have the same light-hearted feel as the girl in the picture's make-up. The ruffle atop the canopy mimicks the soft, fluttery wave in her hair. The tiny flowers which make up her shirt convey a garden-like feeling---found in the botanical prints hung on the walls. Lastly, the ribbon and netting woven in her hair has a natural, organic feel---much like the texture of the natural sisal carpet on the bedroom's floor.

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