Friday, June 10, 2011

Tips of the trade. Part 2

So, I know it's been a while since the last Friday Decorating Post, but things have been busy. This is the continuation of the Tips of the Trade. Part 2. Enjoy!

SIX. Choose paint colors LAST. I can't tell you how many times people call me to redo their rooms, but they already painted. More often than not, we end up repainting because the initial color wasn't the perfect color or tonal value. Remember, there are endless amounts of paint colors, hues, shades and variations of every color imaginable...why would you pick a paint color without first deciding what the rest of the room is going to look like?!
Find an inspiration, like an area rug or a piece of art and pull your colors out of them...then you'll know just how much color--or lack there of--you want the room to have.
Via Martha Stewart

SEVEN. LEATHER lasts longer. Have a pet? Destructive children? Afraid of spilling wine or food on your sofa? Well, leather is your answer. Not only will it stand up to all those things, but it will simply last longer. Plus, to clean it, just wipe it with a damp cloth and it's as good as new.
Why? Because leather is a natural material...just think about what those animals went through grazing in the pastures and running wild in the wilder! Their hides held up to some pretty rough and tough day to day activities. Now imagine a pretty fabric going through all wouldn't last very long, would it?
Via Pottery Barn
EIGHT. Don't forget to dress your WINDOWS! Why decorate and design your whole room, but leave the windows bare? They will stick out like a sore thumb. Once you dress them, your room will appear cozier, more inviting and complete.
One of the biggest qualms I hear from homeowners (sorry boys!) is that they don't want to hide the wood moldings. Here is what I say to that: 1. We can choose a treatment that doesn't cover them, like an inside mounted roman, for example. and 2. Get over it! There are wood molding throughout the rest of the house that you can look at!
Private residence in Clarks Summit, PA, Interior design by Tara

Private residence in Scranton, PA Interior design by Tara
NINE. Mix your FINISHES. Refrain from buying a "Set" of anything...sofa and matching chairs, end tables, or lamps. Sometimes it's best to mix it all up, including the stains. Every piece of furniture can't be brown!
Try putting a stained rectangle end table on one side of the sofa, a painted round one on the other side, and throw in an odd object near a chair, like a stack of boxes, an old small trunk, or a wicker stool to use as an accent table. This will create instant visual interest and drama in the space!
Via Pottery Barn
This even works well with your doors and trims. Who says it has to match?!

TEN. Don't forget to decorate your kitchen! Often, it's the most used space in your home and where your guest's gather. Your kitchen doesn't have to be just counters and appliances. Consider antiques for storage and as beautiful accents. Charming dining tables can be added to almost any size kitchen. Look for drop-leaf tables with chairs or stools that can slip underneath, or try a round table with rich, upholstered fabrics.

Group and display artwork, choose unexpected task lighting, pick a dramatic paint color, add area rugs, dress those windows and mix and match your cabinets!

To view the source of the last two pictures and to look through other great kitchen images follow this link. Thanks!