Wednesday, February 9, 2011

DIY: Valentine Dog "Collar"

I'm not sure why we are so entertained by dressing and photographing our pets.  To be honest though, I think my dog enjoys it as much as me!  When I dress him in something and get my camera, his stance changes and he stands up tall.  Even his walk changes and he suddenly has a prance like a Clydesdale!  This is an easy idea for a Valentine collar for your best furry friend!

You will need:

-ribbon (I used 1/2" wide)
-red felt
-hot glue gun
-piece of cardstock

-First trace a heart on the cardstock and the same one on the felt  and cut them out

-make 2 slits in the felt heart about the width of your ribbon

-Cut your ribbon to the size of your dog's neck plus 1" and then weave it through the slits in the heart.  Slide the heart to the center of the ribbon and hot glue on the cardstock heart to the back of the felt heart to support it.

-Hot glue the ends under about 1/2" each side.

-Glue the velcro on, one on each end (one on the finished side and one on the other end on the unfinished side)


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