Thursday, February 10, 2011

High on Style

I have had the luxury once of flying in a private plane. It was like a dream driving up to the airport, walking in and having your very own personal pilot waiting for you. No lines. No tickets. No body scans. The pilot took our bags, we walked outside, climbed aboard and took off. We arrived on the island of Martha's Vineyard just under an hour later.

This euphoric occasion prepared and inspired me when the opportunity arose for me to submit a bid on the East coast's premier private airport facility. Ah ha, I thought, I can relate to this (on a very teeny tiny level!) And so I dove right into the project and [laugh] tried to put myself in the shoes of the clientele who would be waiting in the waiting room---as if it was even likely for them to wait?  What did Kelly Rippa expect to see when she walked into this newly designed space? Where would Bon Jovi desire to sit? Would he want his privacy on a disconnected grouping of chairs? Or would he rather sit face to face to a complete stranger?

These were the kinds of questions I was faced with--a far cry from the standard "how many people need to face the television"? And so, I created a retreat for the rich and famous, submitted my bid and found out a short 3 months and 27 days later that I won the bid. Phew.



                                                                                         ROOM CLEARED

Of course, there were so many other things I wanted to do with the space, like more pops of red, area rugs and lamps, but this is a commercial space and well quite frankly my exaggerated design ideas were laid to rest and the practical, possible legal issues were debated someone might trip on a lamp cord or area rug corner and fall. Or the sun might fade the red fabrics over time....
Still bitter, I know. It's a designer thing. In the end it all come together, and I know they were pleased. Plus, it has since then captured the attention of the press (see article below).

Facility: First Aviation at Teterboro Airport
Where: Teterboro, NJ (12 miles outside NYC)
Floral Arrangements: Riasa Distinctively

Recently the airport was awarded the cover story in Meadowlands USA magazine where you could learn all about the types of planes and the enormous state of the art hangers their kept in. Click here to view the article written by Rich Frtizky.

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