Sunday, March 6, 2011

Have your cake & eat it too

Traditionally, we have come a long way since the origins of wedding cake. No longer only white, single tiers of bread, the wedding cake is one of the main features of any bride's {and groom's} big day.

Currently, I am no where near ready to select my wedding cake. But that doesn't mean I don't like browsing through endless cake photographs, they're just too beautiful to pass up. These cakes are fresh and unique, both modern and traditional. Obviously custom made, try to mix and match colors and patterns to create your own eatable piece of art. And, as always, be inspired by something beautiful just as these cakes were inspired by turn of the century jewelry, art, textiles and nature. 

Now, considering that I don't even like cake, I have no idea what we're going to do when the time comes to choose's hard to imagine passing up these gorgeous creations!  Besides, you can't skimp on tradition, right?

1. small blooms stephanotis cake, via Instyle 2. Applique wedding cakes, via Martha Stewart 3. Ron Ben Israel, via Instyle 4. Betsey Johnson,via Instyle 5. Tiered monogrammed cake, via martha stewart 6. French Macarons, via The Knot 7. Kleinman's white sugar flower cake, via The Knot 8.Crewelwork cake, via Martha stewart 9. Crooked cake by Ron Ben Israel, via Instyle 10. Crystallized flower cake, via Martha Stewart 11. Dove inspired cake by Wendy Kromer 12. Kate Sullivan for Lovin Sullivan cakes, via The Knot 13. Sea scales cake by Cakegirls, via  Instyle 14. Patterned cake by Ron Ben Israel 15. Preppy Madras cake, via The Knot 16. Hand painted gold pottery and shell inspired cake by via The knot 17. Fall inspired white chocolate cake by cakework, via Instyle 18. Calico cake via Martha Stewart
19. Quilted fondant cake by Gail Watson, via The knot 20. Woven fondant cake with pink sugar peonies by Mark Joseph, via The knot 21. Cardamom cake with saffron butter cream inspired by indian spices, via Instyle 22. Love street cakes 23. Yellow lace-like trim with oversized sugar flowers by Truli Confectionary Arts, via The knot 24. Light green and white fondant cake with gold painted flowers, via The Knot leaves, via The knot 26. sugar made branches, via the knot 27. Multicolored fondant dots by Elizabeth Colling, via Martha Stewart 28. Inspired by a lush floral centerpiece, via Martha Stewart 29. "C" cake, via The Knot 30. Jeweled pins cake inspired by the turn of the century jewelry, via Martha Stewart

A-mazing wedding cake designers
{To find your inspiration}
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  1. I'm wondering... which one is your favorite? It would be hard to pick!

  2. hmmmm, I think #12 if I had to choose one. I know it's not the most elaborate but it's the most "me". If I were going for something more fancy I would have to say #3 or #28. What's yours?!

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