Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Trending now: Dandelions!

Trending right now are dandelions.  You can find them on jewelry, note cards, pillows... the list goes on and on.  I especially love any trend in housewares that involves nature.   I guess it seems less "trendy" to me when Mother Nature has a hand in it,  but rather something I can have for years to come.  Check out some of these trendy little items! 


1. Sweetharvy: Dandies Letterpress Notecards $18 (set of 10)
2. DecoFamara: Set of 2 Dandelion Pillow Covers $35
3. DistrictThirty: Three's Company: $71
4. TheLittleRice: Dandelion Flying Seeds 8x10 $10
5. retrofied: Diaper Bag $70
6. PrettyMyDrink: Hand Painted Wine Glasses $33 (set of 2)
7. West Elm: Organic Dandelion Duvet
8. bluenini: The Tessa Clutch $23
9. loverdoodles: Teal & Black Dandelion Pocket Mirror $3.50
10. iwalls: Dandelion Wall Decal $49
11. violetQvintage: Pyrex Dandelion Serving Dish: $26
12. maintenant: Vintage Footstool $76
13. marsdenfindsvintage: Vintage Dandelion Blouse $20
14. thefullspectrum: Dandelion Apron $20
15. loves2create2: Wedding Wish Tags $5
16. pecansandies: Dandelion Messanger Bag $60
17. Loubella1: Dandelion Clocks Pillow Cover $28
18. craftypagan: Dandelion Favor Bags $10.50/3


  1. Amazing Collection.
    It's fabulous see a lot of Dandelion in diferents textures.

  2. I'd take dandelions over roses any day...

  3. Blue Nini, I love your little clutch. But roses over dandelions..never!

  4. Lovely blog! Thanks for including my Dandelion Pyrex in this collection!

  5. I have to agree, Dandelions everywhere, but if we are talking fresh flowers I'd have to go with the roses!

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