Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Vintage Finds

As I'm sure you know by now, I have a small obsession with all things vintage!  When I see an interesting piece my heart starts to race as I consider the endless possibilites for its use.  Sometimes it is these small accessories that inspire a whole design.  These are four little treasures that can do just that.  To get your imagination running, we have displayed each in a small vignette showing a direction that each COULD go in. 

All pieces are available here at Martini Road Vintage:

Vintage Japanese Handpainted Sugar Bowl
I had to have this pretty little piece.  I loved the handpainted birds and bright colors.  It is a statement piece that surely could inspire an entire space.  It would be beautiful on a dresser to house jewelry, or on an entry way console for keys, and yes of course as a sugar bowl!  Here we used it as an accessory on this vintage pine chest.  It inspired us to bring in these whimsical yellow blooms and blue floral patterned pillow.  The pattern on the pillow mimics the painting on the bowl just on a much larger scale. 

Vintage Cream & Gold Pedestal Dish
This glamorous little dish practically crawled its way into my cart (and my heart!).  I thought, jewelry dish, candy dish, soap dish, candle holder...I have to have it!  Here we paired it with these feminine shapely cream vases, a modern yet sophisticated piece of artwork, and this glamorous crystal lamp which compliments the glitzy gold trim on the dish.

Vintage Set of Milk Glass Vases
A great way to accessories a space is with a grouping, especially here.  You want variety, the lamp and floral are each one large piece so adding a grouping rather than another single piece is one way to switch things up.  Clearly the left side needs something for balance but not another single piece.  When you group things together you get some variety.  It also gives these vases more visual space which is needed here to balance the lamp on the other side of the dresser.  Not tall enough?  Here we stacked white magazines to raise the vases while not taking away from the striking white on black combination that gives this look its drama.

Vintage Cream and Chocolate Vase
Vases are always a "go to" when accessorizing a piece.  They generally can stand alone and usually give a little height.  Here this vase inspired us to keep everything a little more modern and two toned in chocolate and cream.  We softened it up a little by pairing it with a floral.  Notice the three different heights of the picture, the floral and the vase.  This creates rhythm and is more pleasing to the eye.


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