Monday, March 28, 2011

Vintage Finds: Unique Housewares

Vintage pieces can be incorporated into any style room from traditional to modern.  So many modern or new pieces are inspired by old vintage and antique pieces these days that it is hard to tell the difference!  I personally prefer a mix of it all... hence making me "eclectic"- which just about covers everything!  But I truely do like to see some vintage accessories mixed into any style home.  It does add an element of originality and personality.  Knowing that a piece has a history, gives it so much more appeal than just asthetics!  Here are some rooms of various styles with vintage accents sprinkled around them.  Notice the pieces that your eye goes to, and then goes back to...they are the original (and not mass produced) vintage ones!

Here are just a few interesting and unique vintage finds that can easily become part of your home and bring in a "sprinkling" of vintage!
1. foreverest: Milk Glass Spice Jar Set $80
2. amberfilkins: Vintage Ceramic Bowl $24
3. fifisfinds: Vintage Ben Steibel bookends $400
4. BlankStairVintage: Vintage Letter holder $24
5. WoollyMammothVintage: Cannister Set $35
6. EmilyLynch: Vintage Cannister Snack $13
7. DecayAndRenewal: Culver Owl Glass Set $80
8. TomLaurus: Vintage Magazine Rack $65
9. fabulousmess: 50's Art Deco Corner Chairs $1995
10. PNWNestingCo: Vintage Crochet Afghan $45
11. avantgarage: Mid Century Modern S & P Mill $40
12. TheGreatFinds: Vintage Syroco Starburst Clock $199


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my item! I had SO many other items that are much better than that one, lol. :)

    Love your blog!

    ♥ Amber
    Silver Lining

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