Friday, April 22, 2011

Tips of the Trade. Part1

I've decided to just put it all out there. Share insider tips, tricks and secrets of the trade to all of you who write to us seeking advise to your room dilemmas. Sometimes all a space needs is a few easy tweaks and POOF! Like magic the rooms takes on a new life. And I bet that if you follow the simple steps outlined below you will not only use your room more, but you will feel better when using it. Good luck and enjoy!

One. LIGHTING. Every room should have lamps, I don't care how many cans you have in the ceiling, there is nothing like lighting on your level. Keep it simple: a good rule of thumb is that there should always be a triangle of lighting a space. Not only will this help with creating ambiance and task lighting, but it will also lend a helping hand in where your furniture should be. Notice the 2 small lamps behind the sofa?...Don't be afraid to layer lighting!
            TIP: Need a chandelier over your dining table but not sure what is too large or too small? Measure the longest wall in the room. Double it. Convert it to inches. That number is the smallest size the chandelier should be.

Via HGTV Interior design by: Loretta Willis

Via House Beautiful. Photography: Christopher Baker. Interior Design: Robin Bell

Two. GROUND YOUR SPACE! Feel like something is missing in the room? Add an area rug. Without it the room has no connector. Or, try skirting your upholstery. The room will suddenly feel weightier simply because solid pieces are grazing the floor (rather than looking through the legs of wood pieces).
               TIP: Place your area rug in the direction of the sofa. The longest line of the rug should parallel the longest line of the sofa. And, the longer sofa should be placed along the longer wall of the room. It should also be large enough to connect the rest of the upholstery. Otherwise the area rug becomes a mat for your coffee table and is completely out of scale!


via HGTV. Interior Design by Andreea Avram Rusu
Three. CREATE VISUAL INTEREST. Load on the texture and add up the pattern. You can never have too many pillows on a bed. They make the room feel more luxurious and inviting. Play around with size, pattern, shape, texture and color to create a "rhythm" in the room. Pick a contrasting color to the bedding or pull the color out of another object on the opposite side of the room to draw your eye to it. Add more pillows to your sofa, 2 is NEVER enough!!



Via HGTV. Interior design by: Erinn Valencick

 Four. DEC{orate}THE HALLS. Besides, you walk though them all day long to get to your other rooms, so why not make them look good? Place a runner in a narrow hallway or a larger area rug in a bigger space (yes you can do this over wall to wall carpet). Hang some artwork, sconces and dress the windows if you have them. If room allows, place a narrow bench with some pillows on it to cozy up an otherwise "dead space".

Via Elle Decor.
Via House Beautiful. Interior Design by: Stephen Shubel

Five. DISPLAY STUNNING VIGNETTES. This may be my favorite! A good vignette represents a design principal we like to call "heaven, man and earth". Which basically means that you have high objects, low objects and objects in the middle.

Via Elle Decor

Via House Beautiful


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