Monday, January 31, 2011

Basement Makeover

Our basement was in pretty bad shape when we bought our house.  They called it "semi-finished".  Luckily we loved the rest of the house so much that the basement really didn't matter.  And we knew we could rennovate.  I tried to keep the family room a little masculine, knowing that my husband would be spending the most time there!  I used a chocolate brown paint, black leather and black and white architectural prints.  However, I still wanted it to be warm and inviting so I added a light wood floor with a cream shag, some patterned throw pillows and a faux tin ceiling just to give the drop ceiling some interest.  The guest bedroom and bath were just all about incorporating furniture we already had and creating an inviting bedroom for our occassional house guests.

BEFORE: Staircase Area

AFTER: Staircase Area

BEFORE: Family Room Area

AFTER: Family Room Area

Before: Laundry Area

After: Laundry Area

Before: Spare Bedroom




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  1. my basement is in similar shape at the moment and i want to try to give it an update like this. I was wondering how much of this project did you tackle yourself and what was your budget if you don't mind me asking?